Getting It Right - Disability Etiquette Tips DVD

Should you ever say “See you later” to someone who is blind
or “Did you hear that?” to someone who is deaf?
How do you talk to someone who uses an interpreter?
Is it OK to push someone in their wheelchair? Is there a
difference between handicapped and disabled?

Join Ned, Ted, Beth and Jeff as they discover the answers
to these questions and many more by attending a disability
etiquette training session. The office characters ask many
of the questions people have about interacting with
people with disabilities. You’ll follow this delightful and
entertaining cast as they discover common sense answers
for appropriate disability etiquette.

Six scenes are included that highlight interaction with
people with various disabilities. As, Debra, the HR
Director says, “These scenes will give you some basic
guidelines on how to interact with people with different
types of disabilities. They might even make you laugh…
The scenes, not the people…”

Getting it Right is 33 minutes long, closed captioned, and audio described.
This DVD also contains a Spanish language version.

One printed Facilitator's Guide and Participant's Guide included.

Tax exempt entities in Colorado: Please call in your order and provide your tax exempt #.  1-800-864-4264

Getting It Right - Disability Etiquette Tips DVD
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